For My Next Trick

by Wells

I may not post again until Monday, my babies, so here is my plan to fuck my debt up this weekend.

You ever get junk mail from credit card companies saying “Transfer your balance to our Discover card now and you pay 0% interest until 2009!”? I get them and, no shit, they charge zero percent interest until some months down the road.

Seem too good to be true? Well, it is, of course. After that 0% interest time frame elapses, they jack the interest up to some ungodly rate that no one would ever go in for. But here’s my secret: I’m not going to use the card after the rate changes!

I get to transfer my credit card debt to a zero-interest credit card and pay off that part of the total monster that much quicker. Pretty smart, eh? I’ll fill out the application this weekend and see how it goes.

Die, debt, die!

UPDATE! (1/26/08)

It turns out that credit card companies don’t let you transfer balances without charging a fee, usually 3%. My credit card is is still a little bulky, but I’m paying it so quickly that it isn’t worth it to switch to a new card. I’ll just pay down the debt I currently have and never use this card again. The updated plan is to freeze the current card in a glass of ice.