Bu- .. Bu- ..

by Wells

I can spend whatever I want, as long as I can pay the rent when it’s all done. I can buy lunch for myself twice a day if I’m hungry enough, as long as I make rent. There may be cab rides, movie shows, big bouquets of flowers, a personal robot dog, and I can pay for all of it as long as I’m not overdrawn at the end of the month.

The plan I’m on to eliminate my debt by the end of the year has essentially doubled my rent. This is the pressure. Money is sort of nebulous for me; it always has been. I don’t keep track of what I have on me. I only make sure there’s enough to cover rent. It’s dawning on me that I may need to consider the dreaded “B word.”

I’ve never drafted a personal budget. I don’t know exactly how much I spend on food, transportation, or entertainment. I think if I’m going to make this work and somehow survive, I’ll need to pay closer attention to my own finances. And so, it is with a heavy heart, that I am surfing over to Fool.com and reading up on how to draft a budget.

Wish me luck.