Oh yeah

by Wells

I forgot about you momentarily, readers of thephilwells.com.  I’ve been so busy posting to my other blog “RexBaxter.com” that I completely neglected you like an asshole.

I mean like an asshole would neglect you.  Not like I neglect my own asshole.  Not that I pay too much particular attention to it, mind you, but, you know, I’m not just never addressing its existence and letting it run free.

Debt!  I’m fucking my debt up.  I paid off the credit card debts.  Now all that’s left is the student loan.  You’re gonna die, student loan.  I’m gonna watch you die.

People say things like “Phil’s changed.”  “Phil’s gone soft.”  What, cause I been in the lab, wit a pen and a pad, tryin to get this damn label off?  I ain’t having that.  When I’m at zero, debt-free, saving like a rich white asshole, investing part of my check, and retiring at 65 while you’re slicing the meaty paerts of your hand on some assembly line, I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh.  And then I’ll probably cry because I like you, hater.  Why do you hate so much when all I do is like you?

I don’t get haters.

RexBaxter.com, bitches!