by Wells

I’m whittling it down.  I’ve only got two full paychecks-worth left to pay and I’ll be completely debt-free.  I keep pondering how close that is and wondering what I can do to earn it all this week.  But there isn’t a way.  In these past months I’ve looked over every get-rich-quick scheme advertised on the net.  They’re all too shady and there are never any proven results.  The only way I’m going to get through this is to work it off and wait for it to end.

It’s not even the sobriety that is killing me.  It’s the ceaseless march of days where all I can do is scratch together a living and pay it off in small doses.  I’ll be happy to drink, but I really just want to be able to stop thinking about being done with this.  I’m tired of this debt defining who I am.

This month I need to work hard.  I’ve got big spending events coming up this month.  Two birthdays, Mother’s Day, and a few trips.  Money just gets spent so easily.  This month I have to pack lunch or eat ramen.  I have to cash in all my loose change.  I have to ask myself before  each purchase “Do I really need this, or is this just something that I want?”  This month I only pay for what I need.

I’m so close.  Let this nightmare end!