Happy Birthday, Corey Haim

by Wells

Today, film star(?) Corey Haim turns 37.  In his honor, here are spoonerisms of films from his canon:

  • Ponsterthiece Meatre Volume 1
  • Shart Ciky
  • Vank Hoo: Crigh Toltage
  • Malout Withice
  • Highmolition Dem
  • Onner Side the Shoot
  • Lamponal Lastoon’s Rash Nesort
  • Get Fastaway II
  • The Double Kid O
  • Boys of the Rollerprayer
  • Le Bost Thoys
  • Romy’s Murphance
  • Admet Secrirer
  • Birst Forn
  • The Twidison Ens