Planning My Retirement

by Wells

I think I might “retire” from the stage in 3 years. I’ll be 30 then. By then, I’ll have worked at this new job long enough for them to cover 90% of my college tuition. I’ll be working full time and taking several credits at a time, so I just don’t think I’ll have time for comedy.

Okay, that’s hard to accept. I love comic acting and writing. After school, I could return to it. I would be a sad old bastard during my retirement, but I have to get a move on, I think. I love what I do but I just haven’t got the bandwidth.

What am I going to school for? Probably computer programming. I’ll be able to transfer credits from NJIT, and a bachelors degree in programming is a nice stepping stone into a career in game design (not to mention all the QA experience I’ll have racked up by then).

So that’s my long-term plan. Comedy for three more years while I pay my dues at the office. Then college for a handful of years, still with the office. Then a degree, and back to comedy, and maybe even into a nice job in game design.

It’s a good opportunity for me. It’s like the GI Bill without having to live through combat.