This is Important

by Wells

I want health in my life and I want health in the lives of all the people of my generation.  The people I know live in relative ease and our efforts are toward the ends of comfort and not mere survival.  We are a generation with the opportunity to follow our desires instead of our hunger.  I want health for us because it can be so easy to forget that we are these capable animals, and we deserve to exist with minds and bodies more fit than our ancestors.  In these times of abundance and relative safety it is a shame to squander our days by fattening ourselves and neglecting the sharpness of our wits.

I’m still young so it seems easy to put off health until there’s more time.  This is an illusion.  My addictions to television, to white starch and sugar, to sleep, and to the same songs over and over have taken residence in the part of my brain where better goals should exist.  Instead of keeping up with The Office I should want to compose an epic poem.  Instead of pancake mix and fake syrup I probably should have just had wheat toast and tea.  Instead of relishing this cold in my system as an escape from my regimen of exercise, I should exercise anyway and blow my nose between sets.  These are not unrealistic, obsessive ideals.  They’re the lucid dogma of a human with an interest in improving his life.

I have kept my wits sharp by taking on improvised comedy for the past 8 or so years.  I’ve tried to be a good man and I’m discovering the joys of living a life of true health, which is more than just the absence of disease.  I meditate, though not as much as I’d like, and I try to list my blessings every day.  I only hope I can improve my life each day if only just a small bit.  A fortunate man can afford to rest all the time; a lucky man can rest, and doesn’t.