Printers Suck

by Wells

I’m doing a little spring cleaning on my old hard drive and just uninstalled the drivers for my previous printer.  Why does the support software for any printer need to exceed 200 MB?  Why is installing a printer on a Windows computer still handle through a relatively archaic networking protocol?  Has  anyone ever heard of an iPod?  You install iTunes, plug your iPod in, and the thing syncs right up.  When my iPod breaks I plug it into my computer, walk away, and by the time I come back it’s fixed.  If my printer breaks I may as well just get a new printer.  The printer I have now will turn itself off if I leave it idle and won’t turn itself back on again unless I  unplug/replug it.  Toner is expensive.  No printer setup software has ever had an intuitive design.  And the software they give you to make scanning, copying, printing, and fixing the printer is usually the ugliest consumer software available.

I guess it’s asking a lot to have a  computer control a device that physcially changes a piece paper from blank to containing something.  But is it really?  Weren’t printers around before monitors were?

If any aspect of home computing is ripe for a huge redesign, it’s printing.  Screw tablet-sized iPods.  Let’s get a cheap, easy, good-looking printer with software that I like to use.