My 20-Year Plan

by Wells

I’ve never been much of a long-term goal setter.  In fact, I only became interested in planning next steps even in the short term within the past few years.  I can’t imagine what it has been about these recent times that caused me to seriously consider what the future holds.  Probably a little less booze and a lot more Ali Farahnakian had something to do with it.

Anyway, here’s my plan:

  • Keep working as a QA tester, release manager, etc for my current employer.  It’s important that I stick with QA because I’ll have to remain in this position during the next step, which is
  • Go back to school part-time for programming and finish my degree in computer science.  This is in here because my current employer has offered to basically cover 90% of tuition after I’ve  been here three years.  Once my degree is done I work here for one more year to qualify for the education benefit, then
  • Get a job as a QA manager for a video game studio.  At this point I’ll have a degree in computer science and like 8 or 10 years in QA experience.  I hope that’ll be enough.
  • Design games and write about game design the whole time.  I’m thinking board games, but whatever’s clever.  I hope and pray that this can turn into a lucrative startup business so I can
  • semi-retire and just move board games from my own company.  Hire a sick game-making crew.  Get myself a set of golf clubs.  Meet Jason Rohrer.  Die.

Except for the part where I die, I want all this to happen within 20 years.  If the education benefit from my employer gets recessionized, the next few steps will change.

What’s your 20-year plan?