Writing the Song – Progress Report

by Wells

I’m coming up on 500 lines written for this epic poem project I’m working on, which has a working title of “the Song”.  The title will change.

I started this project as a preamble to itself about two years ago, after the publication of my first book, Try the Veal.  I took months and months off from the project.  I considered it a false start.  But false starts, once tucked away into drawers, can have a way of nagging at a guy until he picks up the pen and gets cracking anew.

I worry about it.  I don’t know if it’ll be long enough to be published like a novel would.  I don’t know if I’ll even get permission to publish it, as it is a parody of sorts, and the rules regarding parody in literature are inconsistent to say the least.  I write 23 lines or so before my brain demands that I stop and I worry that this is too slow a pace to complete the thing.  Maybe I’ll get better at that with practice.  Maybe this is just what writers go through and it’ll be done and great before I even know it.

Anyway, 500 lines of poetry.  And I used to hate poetry.