Improv Auditions and Zen

by Wells

I’m almost out the door to get to an improv audition, but I wanted to get down a few things rattling around in my head about the Zen in this whole process.

He who must play, cannot play. That is, if you’re doing a thing (say, an improv scene) because you’re obligated to do it, then you’re not really playing with the full spontaneity of your full freedom. If you have to get out there and impress that panel of auditioners (or the audience, or your heroes in the crowd) then you’re playing toward that end and necessarily judging some of your options as too inferior to be of use in this case.

You need to let that go. It is counter to the spirit of improvisation. Do not give the panel, the audience, or your heroes the responsibility of judging you. In the end, all they want to do is enjoy what you do naturally. Drop the placating tap dance, forget that a goal even exists, and just play for the sake of play itself. Win or lose, they can’t take this moment away from you. So enjoy it.