I Think I Figured Out How To Blog Via Email

by Wells

If this post makes it up to the site, I’ll know it worked.

I like gadgets. I hear people say that the problem with all these connections to the web is that everyone pushes to corner their own little chunks of fame. I’m not under the illusion that a blog and a twitter account are going to carry me to bigtime stardom, but I get why people feel that way about people like me. It can come off as vain and, in actuality the Internet is chock full of vanity projects.

But remember that this is still communication, not entertainment. I post trivial and not-as-trivial thoughts to the www because I want to converse with people out there. And twittering from my blackberry or shooting an email post to my wordpress blog just make it easier for me to push content.

The secret is I’m saving the real entertaining stuff for the stage and the books.

If this post has any typos it’s because my thumbs are dumb and my phone’s qwerty keyboard is wee.