Just A Cog

by Wells

I think my problem with office work is its tendency to blur a guy’s sense of what he does every day for a living. Receptionists also fix broken phones. Call center phone monkeys become team leaders. Waiters wash dishes occasionally. Managers do everything the members of their teams do.

I’m much happier being in a defined role. I’d prefer to be a valuable resource with a skill than to be the guy tracking down all the skilled people I need to get something done. I am no manager. But I’m a great resource.

I feel like the best managers realize the difference. Growth does not always mean a promotion to a better office. Sometimes growth is just honing what talents and skills are already there. If I’m given room to really learn how my role works, that’s when I shine. At the end of the day I don’t need my name at the top of a successful project, because at the end of the day I’d rather not think about work projects. Let me come in, excel, and forget about it. That’s my forte. My niche.

There’s no shame in doing good work for a great big office-type employer. Good work is good work.