I’m Doing Solo Improv On Saturday, July 18

by Wells

It’s true!

It looks like my partner J Hobart B will be out of town for the next round of the Queen of Sharks CHOMPetition, which is SATURDAY, JULY 18 at 7 PM.

That being the case I am going to perform a solo improvisational piece that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh and vote and laugh, but ONLY IF YOU ARE IN ATTENDANCE.

I’ll sum it up thusly:  If you want to see me perform my one-man improvised show, you must catch it at the Chompetition this Saturday, because it will never be performed again.

Five bucks, pals.  Five measly bucks.

And my mom will be in attendance.  You get to meet my mom.

Miss this if you’re a schmuck.