Spending and Consciousness

by Wells

My friend Jen has been trying the envelope method to corral her spending this month and she’s had some success.  Of course, I think that’s great.

It makes me think that the way I spend is as if I haven’t spent most of my life earning the money I’m throwing around.  For a guy who relishes down-time and freedom as much as I do, you’d think I’d more closely equate my spending with the amount of time I spend at other people’s desks.  It comes down to a matter of consciousness.  Successful budgeters will take every transaction as an opportunity to be reminded of the work that went into earning whatever’s being bought.  Was it all worth it if you’re blowing your money on something you don’t need or really even want?  On a habit?  On making someone else content?  On anything that’s going to limit your freedom down the line?

Sometimes I want to write how many hours of work each one of my dollars is worth, right there on the bills themselves.  Short of doing that craziness, though, the envelope method is one of the best around.  Way to make it work, Jen!