A Decade In My Life

by Wells

I’ve seen a lot of these “stuff that happened in my life this past decade” type articles. Most of these are coming from bloggers aged 30 and under, so really we’re just getting bulletted lists of random occurences from the only part of these people’s lives worth documenting anyway.

Consider this.  If you’re below 30 and this past decade has been the worst decade ever, then you have lived one of the worst lives ever.  33% awful.  I have trouble buying that.  There have been decades in human history where slavery was big.  There have been decades where disease wiped out nearly everyone.  The whole world has been at war in some decades.  In some decades, bears were a very real threat.  We say the oo’s were the worst decade because we had to live a couple years through the Great Recession, which completely shits all over the fact that the Great Depression actually happened within a decade of its own.

Man up, bitches.  We’re on Facebook and we eat $10 lunches.  People who lost their jobs this decade still lived better than people who held jobs in prior decades.  If you had a child and it didn’t die this decade, you’re fortunate because that was likelier to be the case this decade than in any other decade in history.

We fail to have two perfect decades in a row and people act like 2012 is gonna be the endtimes.  Live it up, whiners.  And try to enjoy 2010.