Olympus is this Friday

by Wells

I’m pretty excited to be a member of this new team at the Peoples Improv Theater.  Check out this lineup:

Justin Akin (BBC, Action Pals)
Scott Eckert (BBC, Scott and Ellie)
Chris Grace (Cold Soda, The Faculty)
Sarah Nowak (The Baldwins, SidViscous)
Greg Portz (Mrs. Esterhouse, In a Polynesian Mood)
Steve Soroka (Senator, BoF)
Ashley Ward (BBC, Baby Wants Candy)
Phil Wells (Senator, Sidviscous)

For the uninitiated, this is a squad of killers.  This show will be laffs galore.  Pick up a ticket and check it out, please.

Friday at 9:30

Tickets here: