Sidewalk Jamming

by Wells

i started out a small fry, then i grew sky high
8-foot legs and i’m quicker than a drive-by
now i get the stink-eye when i come jammin
blowin thru pedestrians upstream like a salmon
foot soldiers jammed in, sidewalks crowded,
my strut’s tight though, don’t fret about it
tourists all shoutin “young man, slow down,
no need to rush when it ain’t so cold out.”
but i never sold out, i’m quicker than ticketmaster
blasting thru the mob like a red shirt caught a laser blaster
faster than your dad when your mom’s all laid out,
i can’t be slowed down, won’t be played out.
tourists might as well lay down; i walk quick.
so get your family out my way or they can suck my dick
i got women to get done, people to get high,
places i gotta be at, i’m such a popular guy