by Wells

I assume the world existed before alarm clocks.  I can’t know for sure, since I wasn’t there when this was presumably true, but we’ll take it as given.  In those days you’d wake up whenever you woke up or when a rooster screamed or some other “natural” event (having gotten enough sleep counts) has occurred.  Then you’d be awake and you’d go to your job.

Did your boss get mad at you if you were late all the time?  He must have, right?  The thing is, it wasn’t your fault back then.  Your body just did not wake up when your boss wanted it to.  Your boss would probably say things like “You just have to go to sleep earlier each night or you will lose your job.”  

That seems kind of like an invasion into something really personal.  Your boss could terminate your employment based on your body’s need for sleep.  Even with alarm clocks, this seems a little insidious.  My sleep is a very personal part of my nature.  Why do we allow this?