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Dumb Question About Computer Audio

Is there any software for Windows XP that’ll convert all audio output from Stereo to Mono?

I ask because every time I buy headphones one of the earbuds breaks. I don’t mind just listening to one, but songs recorded in stereo end up sounding weird.

I know RadioShack sells an adapter thing. None of the RadioShacks around here carry it. I’m looking for a download.

I tried changing my speaker in control panel to a mono laptop speaker but it didn’t work. Google has no answers.


Tips For Internet Users In Relationships

Ladies: If you’re using your man’s computer and a porno popup appears while you’re surfing the web, it wasn’t caused by “some virus or something”. You only get those after you visit full-blown porn sites.

Dudes: Clear your cache. Every time. If you don’t know how, Google it. And don’t tell me you don’t know how to Google it, because you sure figured out how to Google “celebrity boobs”.

Ladies:  Relax.  He’s only wackin’ it.

Dudes:  Relax with all the wackin’ it.

This missive was not inspired by any sort of personal experience.

Not yet.