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Take My Books Reminder

Some of you may remember my quest to declutter/pay my bills by giving away my books for unsuggested donations.  I just wanted to keep that balloon aloft as it were and remind all y’all that you can still take my books from me for whatever you can afford, even if it is nothing.  I really just don’t want all these books anymore.  Find the list here:

While we’re at it, if you can think of any other reason to send me boatloads of money, I’m open to those ideas as well.  I may or may not dance for quarters.  It depends on how many quarters you’ve got.

A Request For Techno-Criminals

Let’s find a way to pirate books.

Let’s face it; anyone can get any song or movie ever made for free.  Some people will tell you that this is as it should be and others will tell you that this  stunts the whole creative process.  Personally, I NEVER EVER ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD MUSIC OR MOVIES.  But I can see how it would be appealling to one less interested in  adhering to the written rule of the law than I.

But I want books.  I get that you can burn an audiobook you borrowed from the library and walk around with it in your iPod.  I know you can download a whole  collection of eBook PDF’s from your less scrupulous buddies’ foldes in the shared drives at work.  That’s not what I’m talking about.

I want the open-source red-hat pioneers of the electronic gray market to spend some time offline and come up with a way to use the materials consumers have now, put a whole book in one end, and end up with a complete copy of that book on the other end.  Quickly.  In a way that cannot be detected.  Utilizing a method that I’m too stupid to have thought of but will make me feel even stupider once I see how simple it all was.  I  should not have to turn a page and then press a button for the process to proceed at any point.

“You liked that book?  Burn me a copy.”

“Hello, Borders staff person.  I need to return these 14 books I bought yesterday evening.”

“Virgil’s Aeneid is so good.  Too bad I can’t afford a copy for my teenage child.  Unless…”

I’m not saying  I would use this new machine/method/software/service for illicit purposes.  But I am saying illicit people are the only people  who would be willing to get a project like this done.

So, get on with it.

Covering My Bases

Not sure if this showed up for my RSS homies, but I’m giving a bunch of my books away (for money).