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Every Improv Show In NY Has A Wall Like This On Facebook

  • I’m out of town that weekend.
  • Oh man, I wish I was able to see this!  Let me know when it has another run!
  • its my birthday too lol!
  • maybe
  • Wish I could go and BREAK A LEG.  Please let me know when you have a show.
  • You are soooo funNY!  I can’t go.
  • Congratulations!  I’ll let everyone know.  Hope to see you sometime!
  • I’ll try!  What day is this?  What time?  Is there drink minimum??
  • I’m in a show that night sorry.
  • Sorry teaching!
  • Hiiiiii!
  • You should use Larry in one of your jokes ROLFCOPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u
  • is this yr bachlor party?

Big Day

Today I wallowed in the sublime pleasure of making my bed, then laying on it on top of the sheets.  I really highly recommend this.

My bandwidth quota at is getting its ass kicked due to downloads of Radio Show.  I think that’s fine, and I hope my bandwidth quota distends and is hopelessly burst in an orgy of downloads.  Have at it, internet!

Today I still have to buy a newspaper for wrapping Christmas gifts, watch a movie for, and go on a hot date tonight with the woman.

Also, I’ve joined Facebook.