How many times do you go to ATM’s that charge withdrawal fees? A lot of people are good at avoiding this, but I’ve never been one of those people. In fact, I’d estimate that I visit the “bad” ATM’s at least 10 times a month. At $1.50-$2 per visit, that can really add up.

That’s what drew me to Charles Schwab. They have this checking account that’s free to open, comes with a stock-investing account, and gives you an ATM card. Any time you withdraw cash and incur an ATM fee using their card, Schwab refunds the fee! If that deal isn’t sweet enough, they also pay over 3% APR on your checking account. Compare that to your bank’s interest rate for a free checking account. 3% is huge; almost as good as the interest on my student loans is bad.

Once this debt thing is beat, I’m going to take advantage of being a Schwab member with some bangin investments. CD’s and Index Funds out the ass, biatch!