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Sketch Mountain

I had an idea today that there could be an online reserve of sketch comedy scripts licensed under Creative Commons, available for anyone to download and produce.

  • Writers would need to be given credit.
  • Videos would be linked from scripts’ pages, and vice versa.  You could see how other people shot it before your crew took a stab at it.
  • Scripts could be tagged, in case you want to shoot a Christmas script or you have a banana costume or whatever.

I feel like this would be a good way for sketch writers and actors to get experience and collaborate with new people.  As a writer, it’d be nice to have a profile page with links to all my sketch scripts to refer to and forward to people.  Second City sketches play out using different actors on stage over the course of years.  It might be interesting to see how different groups approach the filming of this or that script from (a website which does not yet exist).

Is it a good idea?  Is it doable?  Let’s do it!

The “My Daughter, My Wife” Challenge

So I wrote this sketch called “My Daughter, My Wife”.  You can read the full script here:

I have never been able to get this thing produced.  It’s simply beyond my means.  But I am very proud of it.  This thing kills at read- throughs.  I have seen stone-faced actors drop to floor in fits of laughter at its mention of Chumba Wumba alone.

So, here’s where you come in.  Please produce my sketch.  Any of you.  If you’re reading this and want to shoot a sketch, make it mine.  I will love you always if it is good.